Warranty Coverage

We are an authorized dealer for every brand we carry and provide the full manufacturer's warranty for all of your purchases. We have your back and will work with you to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase, no matter what problem comes up during the warranty period.

Many shops online are not authorized dealers, and if they have lower prices or promise more than we do, you can be sure they are NOT authorized, are probably selling used or 'B stock', which is damaged or defective goods, without telling you or supporting you after your purchase! This includes MOST sellers on Amazon and other 3rd party sites.

Most people don't realize that Amazon, Walmart, and others, sell most of their products through 3rd party vendors, WHICH THEY DON'T EVEN SCREEN WELL. I have multiple emails from vendors like Amazon (that apologize 6 months after purchase) for "sorry we just realized that stuff you bought was fake and fraudulent, and so we just kicked that vendor off your platform..."

Don't be fooled, shop with a known, trusted retailer like BASS ALIEN that is an authorized dealer for everything we carry!

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