Warwick and Sadowsky Join Forces

Warwick and Sadowsky Join Forces

If you've been too busy playing bass the last couple years you may not have heard some big news in the bass world... Warwick will be making the Sadowsky MetroLine and MetroExpress basses. Sadowsky and Warwick worked out a licensing deal so Roger Sadowsky can free up some of his time and focus on making his custom Sadowsky basses in his NYC shop, while also making his great jazz-style basses available to more people than ever before.

Announced in late December 2019, Roger said from his New York City shop, "I started in this business as a one-man shop, with the luxury of spending all of my time doing what I love most—crafting instruments. As the demand for my instruments increased, my role morphed beyond my workbench. After 40 years of working six days a week running the business, I'm thrilled that this partnership with Warwick will enable me to return my focus to custom-built instruments while introducing our instruments and accessories to more musicians than ever before."

Sadowsky Guitars will continue to run the Sadowsky NYC Custom Shop, where they will make their NYC Custom Shop Instruments, Warwick will build and distribute their MetroLine and MetroExpress instruments. Warwick will also distribute their strings and accessories. The Sadowsky MetroLine basses are made in Warwick's German factory located in Markneukirchen, Germany. It's there, between Berlin and Munich near the Czechia border, in a town referred to as “Germany’s capital of making music” since the 17th century, where they combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art production processes to build premium-quality musical instruments. The Sadowsky MetroExpress basses are made in Warwick's RockBass factory. They're produced under strict quality control in China and offers a cost-effective entry into the world of Sadowsky instruments for the first time. If you ever wanted a Sadowsky bass at a more affordable price point, this is amazing news! Since 1979, Roger Sadowsky has earned a reputation for building some of the highest quality basses in the world. SADOWSKY basses are played by many of the world’s greatest artists including Will Lee, Rickey Minor, Michael Rhodes, Verdine White, Tom Hamilton, Colin Greenwood, Tully Kennedy, and Jason Newsted. Bass Alien is proud to be an authorized dealer for both Warwick and Sadowsky and we stock Warwick's RockBass and ProSeries basses as well as Sadowsky's MetroExpress and Metroline basses. Let us know what you're looking for!

13th Sep 2022 Mike Kramer

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