Instrument Inspection

We take pride in our work and providing the best purchasing experience to you.

We've refined our 47-Step Instrument Quality Inspection Checklist to perform each of the following steps at least once for every instrument we sell (over $299).


Quality Control

  • 24-hour climate acclimation before inspection or adjustment
  • Inspect case/gig bag interior & exterior
  • Polish instrument
  • Professional repack
  • Store in climate-controlled warehouse

Instrument Inspection

  • Finish is even, no scratches/dents
  • Binding or adornments
  • Fingerboard surface is smooth
  • Fret edges smooth, don’t protrude
  • Frets look good, in-line
  • Headstock - finish, joint, veneer
  • Inlays inspection
  • Access panels open close
  • Motion/vibration test for rattles
  • Neck, neck joint, & hardware
  • Pickguard, covers, plastics
  • Strings - Check installation, oxidation
  • Inspect & polish body

Electronics Testing

  • Check all knobs, switches, potentiometers
  • Onboard preamp check push/pull active/passive
  • Pickup splitting, tapping, switching
  • Test battery, check compartment
  • Test tone settings all positions

Hardware Inspection

  • Bridge
  • Check frets for oxidation
  • Check tuning machines & tune to pitch
  • Nut or locking nut
  • Output jack & plug fit
  • Pickup screws & rings
  • Strap buttons
  • Tuning machines turn easily, tightened, no rattle

Professional Setup

  • Tune instrument
  • Neck relief, truss rod adjustment
  • Action height
  • String & saddle position
  • Pickup height
  • Intonation test and adjust


  • Stretch strings & tune to pitch
  • Play test all notes on the fretboard
  • Plays well with no issues


  • Box contains all expected tools & parts that come with
  • Contents of box matches packing slip
  • Include packing slip for order
  • Inspect/refresh packing material, as needed
  • Wrap bass, secure cards outside wrap or inside user bag.
  • Double-box for shipping
  • Weigh and measure final package

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