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U-BASS – Meet the Kala U Bass

Back in 2008 there was more than just a crashing housing market going on… Kala finalized their design for the first original U-BASS, a bass ukelele (uke for short) that pumps out amazing low end in a compact form factor.

The U-BASS has a 20-inch scale, which is pretty stout compared to the standard 34-inch scale of the modern bass guitar. If you’ve never heard one or played one, you would be surprised that such a small instrument puts out such a full booming bass sound! It’s incredible.


They are normally strung with unique “black rubber” strings which help give them a deep upright bass sound, though you can get nearly any sound you’d like out of them. Alternatively, you can get steel-wrapped nylon strings for a different sound and feel.

Kala offers several different models in their U-BASS line-up, with different woods, features, shapes, and price points. They also offer fretless versions on a few different models. Let’s explore the various UBASS models to help you choose what might be right for you.

Kala’s entry-level U-BASS is called The Nomad. Made with beautiful mahagony it features active EQ electronics with an onboard tuner, and even includes a gig bag. It’s a great model weather you’re learning or gigging.


Next up in pricing is the Bamboo Model. It’s the most sustainable choice as bamboo is highly renewable and can even grow up to 3 feet per day! It’s harder than many hardwoods and offers similar great features to the Nomad.

Spalted Maple

Need a cutaway for easier access to the upper frets? Let me introduce you to the Spalted Maple model. Featuring unique light maple with contrasting spalting lines, black binding, onboard tuner, active EQ, and custom gig bag.

If you have a thing for figured woods, check out the models in Flame Maple and Striped Ebony! They really stand out and are stunningly beautiful from all angles. The Flame Maple model was just discontinued but we still have 1 in stock, so get it before it disappears!

Striped Ebony Fretless

The Striped Ebony model we carry is also fretless, and is one of the most unique and eye-catching bass instruments you will ever find.

Flame Maple (Discontinued) – Get this last one before it’s gone! Rare flame maple model which is no longer made! Own this unique beauty and buy it today!

Whichever model you choose, you can’t go wrong with a UBASS from Kala. Shop our Kala lineup today and see which one speaks to you! Bring it everywhere and make music whenever you’re inspired to.

You can learn more about UBASS and Kala’s full lineup of ukelele’s on the Kala website.

Flame Maple