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Blog Coming Soon

I know, sometimes I hate the word ‘blog’ too. But what else do you call it?

Blog used to be short for weblog, where you basically journal your life online. Heck, maybe it still is, I don’t know.

What I do know is we’re going to post articles that we hope will help you! That could be how to swap out your pickups or do guitar maintenance, change your amp’s tubes, music theory, technique and other exercises, or just news out in the bass world.

I suppose I could call it a ‘online magazine’ or just ‘bass articles’. But BLOG is just shorter and most people know they will find articles and regular posts there.

I was going to call it BUZZ since it’s more about news and info than my boring life. But I wasn’t sure people would know what BUZZ is, and might be more likely to click BLOG – what do you think?